The newest addition to Port Clef, a mysterious brunette veterinarian, catches Dr. Everett Cambridge’s eye. Elsye’s vivacious curves toy with Everett’s imagination. Her quick wit keeps him alert and on his toes as he tries to captivate her attention. Her voracious appetite for chocolate intrigues him. What she does with chocolate and sex gives him an experience he’ll never forget.

His eccentric grandpa thinks she’s an alien. But Everett doesn’t believe him. After all, aliens don’t exist.

As they grow closer, he accidentally witnesses an event that rocks his perspective on life. The knowledge of the truth rips him apart. He doesn’t know whether to believe his eyes or if his grandfather’s rants finally singed his brain and caused him to misinterpret what he thought he saw.

Torn between accepting her for who—or what—she is, Everett must decide to believe in Elsye as the beautiful soul she is or risk losing her and his heart forever.


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