Cait lives on the West Coast of Scotland in the same small town where she was born. She shares her home near the beach with a large collection of dragons and three miniature Yorkshire Terriers. Cait dreams of one day living in a castle filled with history…or at least a house with a library.

Books and writing have played a huge part in Cait’s life since she was very young. Encouraged by a mother with similar interests and one of the world’s greatest English teachers, she began writing her own stories. Unfortunately, she inherited a practical side to her nature from her grannie—who once told her at a party, in front of her teenage friends, to cross her legs, not her fingers.

Cait went on to become one of the first people in her family to graduate from university, where she trained for a medical profession. Writing became something she did for her own pleasure, never dreaming it could be anything else. Then, one day, she showed one of those stories to a group of online friends who taught her to Believe in the Magic…

If you’re ever looking for Cait, you only have to find the nearest quiet corner and she’ll be there, book or pen in hand, wrapped up in another world.

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